Nissan March/Micra Stuck Shift Lock Repair

The shift lock is the mechanism that keeps the gear shift stuck in PARK unless the ignition is on and the foot brake is depressed.  There is also a manual override button, I guess intended for allowing the shift to neutral for towing etc even when the car is switched off. For some time now,… Continue reading Nissan March/Micra Stuck Shift Lock Repair

Repair of Kenwood FP481 Food Processor

This is a follow up to my previous post. Thanks to need a part, I got the spare parts I needed to repair the food processor. The price was enough to make me wince! : Upper drive belt $19.95, Upper cog $18.95, P&P $7, (+ Hand Blender geared lid $19.95).  But a combination of bloodymindedness… Continue reading Repair of Kenwood FP481 Food Processor