HP 245 G6 laptop linux – multiple problems

Time to get a new laptop for a family member.  Something pretty cheap.  These days (Feb 2018), linux "just works" right? (It does on 5 older laptops).  Not on the HP 245 G6!   I am installing Linux Mint 18.3, but don't doubt that similar problems would occur with other distributions of the same vintage. With… Continue reading HP 245 G6 laptop linux – multiple problems

Kenwood HB720 repair

Our Kenwood HB720 hand blender suddenly stopped working. The punchline of this post is that inside its excruciatingly-difficult-to-dismantle mechanism (i.e. never intended to be repaired), it includes a fuse, which had blown.  This post will be updated to give the details about how to take the machine apart, and whether I managed to reassemble it… Continue reading Kenwood HB720 repair


Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without these time-wasters we call computers.  I plan to bemoan the various things that I just can't get to work, despite spending hours frigging with them.  And now I can add blogging to the growing list of fruitless endeavours.