Crappy Kenwood plastic gears!

Expensive (yet crappy) Kenwood FP481 food processor strips its drive belt and gears when the chopper inevitably gets jammed.

I’m not sure what happened first.  Either the belt started to lose its teeth, then the gear started slipping and ground its teeth off.

Worn drive belt

Or the gear wore out first, then ground the teeth off the drive belt.

worn Kenwood FP481 upper sprocket

I’m currently trying to get replacements that aren’t prohibitively expensive.  To make things harder, Kenwood changed the design of the sprocket slightly so current spares are not directly compatible.

On to the Kenwood HB720 tri-blade stick blender with mini chopper attachment.

Inside the chopper lid there is a single plastic cog on a metal shaft that drives 3 planetary gears.
The cog has split, maybe after the shaft started slipping and heated up the plastic, but who knows. This cog needs to be stronger as it is driving 3 cogs. Or there should be a proper clutch mechanism that avoids catastrophe when the chopper inevitably jams.


This is clearly not meant to be serviced.  I’m supposed to throw it away and spend $27 on a new one.

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